Kabk17 dots lila


(Working Title)

The installation 'Working Title' inscribes itself within the broader research on material practices that I have developed throughout the Master of Artistic Research. In this piece, I use celluloid film to document spaces from multiple cities: Bacau (Romania); Tallinn (Estonia), and Athens (Greece). These are spaces that intrigue me because of the recent histories that have shaped them. I have also built a series of traditional instruments, to create a sound work that overlaps with these moving image, but in an unsynchronized manner. All the techniques involved in making this work are part of my process. I aim to expand my artistic practice through the embodiment of various crafts and techniques.


Crafting New Attitudes on CRAFT

'Crafting New Attitudes on CRAFT' summarizes all my master’s research. I focus on a deeper understanding of the practice I have most recently developed, a material practice involving the embodiment of various crafts and techniques, and the translation of this technical knowledge into my own artistic language. A considerable part of my thesis debates the validity of craft knowledge in an era of digital technology. I identify, by analyzing my work in relation to the oeuvre of other artists, how these techniques can continue to find their way into the visual arts. My thesis is about re-inventing a sustainable craftsman-like attitude that can be adopted in one’s practice.