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The events between the events

This research project is in the format of a personal journey through various layers and voices of history. Each part is intertwined or a result of a previous part, and like the present, it is a construction of events that are preserved in our past. History is always there but certain specific subjects come forward due to circumstances. Reading something, an encounter during a walk, a photograph, a memory, or a change of perspective during a talk, like that evening when people were dancing on the square in Weimar. I was leaning against the Goethe house dozing off from the long drive. Due to nightfall, the dancers became like ghosts, slowly moving as if they were important pieces on the checkerboard of history.


The events between the events

Throughout the years, humans have come up with explanations for the way time presents itself to us. On the one hand, it creates the illusion of a linear continuum, on the other, times connect, run together, or exist parallel to one another. This way of looking at time raises the question of what the ‘now’ is, and what kind of relation it has to other moments in the past, present and future. Being on the verge of fact and fiction, together with the writings of Walter Benjamin, Susan M. Pearce, Henri Bergson and my own, I try to find a way to connect the past and present in order to maintain our relationship with history and search for new ways of giving history a voice.