Kabk17 dots lila


Instances of Endlessness

Pattern paintings, Tetra-helical sculptures and a 4 channel audio installation featuring kinetic sound sculptures. Horizontal lines have left the building, Space is cleaved and split into new forms, a process of slightly changing variables and layering is imposed. This group of works stem from a studio process that is defined by the repetition and variation of its efforts. All the works employ a simple system of layering, on the 2 dimensions of the painting, the 3 dimensions of the sculpture and the 4 dimensions of sound. Nothing is static as this layering exposes an emergent quality of aesthetics bound to both the finite and the endless.



In material objects, a sound or vibration produced in one object, caused by the sound or vibration produced in another, is due to the resonant frequency of both those objects. Resonance is a quality emergent of material and bound to the structural makeup of that material, yet, it is also a word that has entered into our common lexicon to symbolize the effect of an idea and its spread among a population. Resonance is a sustenance of energy transference. Hartmut Rosa would say that resonance can also be seen as a form of equilibrium or balance. Johannes Kepler believed that “there exists a very common geometry in the universe. From universe to smallest particle of matter, everything is under violent effect of this common geometry.”