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ArtScience (MMus)

The projects of our Master’s graduates show a broadness of interests and attitudes. Intimate performance around the (un)watched self contrasts a formalistic light installation that plays with perception. The fractured image of the viewer merging with his opponent competes with a sensual audio-visual journey. Algorithmic composition that brings water to a standstill relates to mathematical sculpture which repeats and yet never takes the same angle. And singing bacteria in soil oppose the cacophony of repeated obsession with the way we communicate in linguistic clichés. All works that take you in one way or another — they make you feel what you think, or think what you feel.

We are proud of these new ArtScientists who are ready to face the future.

The ArtScience Interfaculty is a collaboration between the Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Conservatoire, since the conception of its Bachelor’s programme in 1989 as the Image & Sound Interfaculty (with a Master’s programme since 1999). Our students are curiosity-driven researchers who focus on phenomena in nature and science, society and all artistic disciplines, in order to develop new types of art, new types of experiences and new types of artists for the twenty-first century.

Taconis Stolk, Head of the Bachelor & Master ArtScience Interfaculty

ArtScience (MMus)