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Hitting a Wall

Immediately after our first session together, she was able to start focusing on what she really wanted out of her position. Instead of becoming angry and defensive during conversations about job performance, she implemented the 6 crucial conversational skills. With this more action-based approach, she was able to clarify her goals and identify problems with 10x more accuracy than ever before. In the middle of a difficult discussion, she was willing to stop and ask herself, “What do I really want?” rather than gravitating towards the all too common silence or violence. As you can imagine, this not only helped strengthen her position in the boardroom, but also in the bedroom. With plenty of guidance, she’s been able to grasp the meaning behind our mission statement - there’s much more to communication than just talking.


I Am Nothing but a Puppet... And Other Anxieties

What is the best way to manipulate the manipulator? How can one control the controller? And what then happens once one makes it to the other side? Through the same frameworks, persuasion techniques I am critiquing, I attempt to argue my point in a clear, evidence driven way.