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Lingua Franca

In 'Lingua Franca' water and light are modulated by sound waves. The algorithms generating these signals interact with and learn from each other. Moreover, once they have found common ground, this system of communicating signals opens up for the outside world. Generated using purely deterministic means, the system seems eager to get fresh and unpredictable input from the world outside of the algorithm. Biological input is sensed and forces the whole, which is presented as a performative installation, to behave differently.


¿Do machines list..

Through the application of signals, I will explore the nature of calculation, iteration and recursion, and make software processes interact with each other, as well as with the world outside of the software runtime. Many phenomena observed in nature seem to allow for mathematical generalisation. Through the application of signals, I want nature to influence computer processes. This can, for example, be a human’s movement or pulse. While exploring signal behaviour in a media-agnostic way, I propose a method for interacting with the signals, and I am looking for ways to compose situations, and represent the interactions. I also ask myself how a seemingly endless domain of possible signals can be explored and classified.