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An Intermittent

An exploration of the patterns, expectations and illusions that the human brain creates when it is exposed to a logical order of events and fragmented time.


Light in Boredom

Boredom has a negative connotation in the context of the art world. But why not use boredom as a tool to create a specific type of artwork? I am looking for ways to create autonomous light design. By exploring the approaches of the pioneers in light design, this paper investigates the possibility of light design becoming an artwork of its own, in co-existence with other audiovisual tools. I also look at how colour and the changes of light influence human perception of time. Based on this research, I have applied the concept of time fragmentation to my work and have used specific techniques that shift the audience's perception of time. This research leads to the question – can we use boredom as a method to create autonomous light design.