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During my Master I researched (optical) illusions, senses and perception. My research resulted in the interactive installation Translucent.

Two visitors sit in front of each other and look at the broken and staggered mirrors that hang in between them. These mirrors reflect in two directions and show deformed images of endless repetitions of reflections. One can see not only their own fragmented reflections but also those of the person on the other side.

The mirror is a symbol that has many meanings. For a younger audience this piece is playful and funny. Whereas grownups are challenged to contemplate about a number of psychological questions. Do we see everything the same way? Can we believe everything we see?


Things Are Not Always What They Seem

I am a sound artist, but in my master research I decided to broaden my field of interests and dive into the strange and to me yet unknown world of illusions. Throughout the research process many times I stumbled upon my own faulty assumptions. Again and again I proved myself wrong. Hence the research title “Things are not always what they seem”.

My thesis is like a diary that first guides the reader through fascinating stories about various types of optical illusions; then explains colour blindness and the phenomenon of the afterimage; and finally tells about my explorations of the sense of smell and touch. All these stories unravel the things I read about, experimented with and observed. My personal memories connect all these themes.