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Winner of the Royal Academy Master Department Award: ArtScience & Royal Academy Master Award

Natalie Fyfe (UK)

Royal Academy Master Department Award: ArtScience & Royal Academy Master Award




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Choreography of the Mouth

'Choreography of the Mouth' is a performative series exploring the mouth as an organ of radical expression. The mouth seems to move as if by its own infraction, a performative chamber fundamental to identity and social conditioning. The mouth acts as a bridge between the inner and the outer, a pivotal point in which boundaries and taboos are held in balance. Natalie Fyfe will present Nil by Mouth (2017), a performative ‘talk’ encompassing a universal language which confronts the teeth, the lips, the throat and the tongue.


Between Borders; The Inner Voice, The Mouth and Boredom

My research is a neurological and psychological exploration of borders between the self and the world around us. It questions identity; how both the internal (self) and the external (world) co-exist to push the boundaries of lived experience. The three main aspects of my research include the inner voice, the mouth and boredom. The inner voice refers to the constant stream of unvoiced words within the psychological space of the self, known as the internal monologue. The study of the inner voice alongside the voice of mental illness is used to question perceptions, expectations, desires and memories, defining the borders within selfhood to investigate the boundaries between them. The mouth is located as a gateway, a bridge to cross borders.