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'Sonomatter' is a sound installation and performance that transforms bioelectrical signal from microorganisms to sound. The work starts with building a Winogradsky Column, a small ecosystem out of mud and water — generating the electric signal with a Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC), and measuring the voltage from the microorganisms which are formed in mud. As time proceeds, the microbes will create electricity and eventually die when they lack nutrients. The designed 'Bioelectricity-Controlled-Oscillator' circuit consumes the (bioelectrical) energy to control the sound of the oscillator. This process illustrates a circular relationship between life and death, as life and death share the same material (mud)... (sonomatter.com)



This research focuses on transforming a bioelectrical signal into sound, using a hybrid method: scientific and artistic methodology, connecting living matter to a circuit board and binary data to human perceptual experience. With these approaches I made a system that generates a small amount of electricity to change the parameters of the oscillator. My goal is to make a self-sustainable and reusable small ecosystem and then to transform the bioelectricity from living matter into sound. My experiment started by making a small ecosystem out of mud and water (Winogradsky Column) and measuring the electrical signal with a Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC)....(sonomatter.com)