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Solis, the alias of Sophie Jurrjens, is a musician that combines voice and electronic music to images of nature.

Artefact is a soundtrack for a seascape. Inspired on the raw power of water, Solis expresses nature’s immeasurable force. In this audiovisual work the melancholic rhythm of the water tells stories about past and present and anticipates on the future. This triptych is inspired by the lyrics and music of W. Müller’s and F. Schubert’s Winterreise. It is a tale about a long and lonely journey and describes the dynamism of the natural world.


Muziek als omgeving voor het landschap (Music as setting for the landscape)

As an artist I am interested in what occurs to the human mind when it is surrounded by nature. For me, music amplifies her endurance. By writing this thesis I wanted to determine how I could use the natural landscape as an environment for my musical compositions. Therefore, I investigated the influence of the natural landscape and how it has been influencing different art forms in the past and present.