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The street as a communal space - Faro, Portugal

Streets are spaces of collective memory, spaces that create a mental image of a particular urban environment. They must offer more than merely provide parking space. Recovering local streets is fundamental for a successful urban regeneration towards a more sustainable development of cities. The communal use of the street space has the potential of bringing together residents with different economic, social and cultural background. The project will be a strategy to involve the neighbourhood in new possibilities of using the street space, aiming for a workable balance between being a meeting place and a traffic space.


The street as a communal space - Suggestions to improve social interaction in a residential area of Faro

The thesis is divided in four main sub-themes, starting with an overview of the urban history of Faro, diving into its origins, development and current scene of the chosen streets, followed by theoretical approaches on street planning, specifically from Jane Jacobs, an American urban visionary in the 60’s, and Jan Gehl, an influential contemporary expert on improving the quality of urban spaces considering the human scale. Afterwards I describe the most relevant insights I gained from the conversation with Filipe Cunha from the Infrastructures and Urbanism Department of Faro. And finally an overview on the social and cultural identity of the context, a residential neighbourhood in Faro.