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Winner of the Royal Academy Master Department Award: Interior Architcture (INSIDE)

Klodiana Millona (AL)

Royal Academy Master Department Award: Interior Architcture (INSIDE)




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The Unfinished House- What if this was great?

The project dives into the phenomenon of the incomplete houses which are left permanently under construction in Albania. Exploring the 'unfinished' state with the aim of recognising values that can be translated into design strategies, that advocate imaginative speculation on how to alter former conditions into an optimistic contemporary action. Albania thus provides a potential canvas to test speculations and interventions that have as a starting point the disturbing and at the same time exiting question: What if this was great? What if this is the house of the future?


It's not the Fault of the House- Designing a ”third way” behaviour for Albania

The thesis investigates the archipelago of unfinished buildings scattered all over Albania. A whole landscape filled with concrete skeletons, with some of them being in use, others completely vacant, and some still under construction. The research is an effort to twist an overloaded with gloomy connotation phenomena into a positive idea. By employing a banal optimism in practice and a dose of humour, it manifests itself as a kind of pseudo experimental methodology that questions the actual concept of the city.

Albania is just a good example.