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I was not born in Belgrade, but I have found many great loves there: love for my work, love for my friends, but also a love for the city itself. Although this love is an irrational thing it is also the impulse that drove me to think about how I can make that dear city into an even better place than it is now. There are many ways to make it such; I have chosen to try to resurrect the lost togetherness among people. Three underground passages in the city centre; three forgotten voids that appear as places out of time and space; three wormholes turn into three spaces driven by water that attempt to resurrect the forgotten awareness of one's environment: human, built or natural among the people of Belgrade.


Wormholes- Awakening togetherness in Belgrade passages

In my thesis I have dealt with the everyday life in Belgrade. I have tried to unravel the political, economic and social circumstances which led the people of Belgrade to a state of detachment of their surroundings. Consequently, I have realised that the recent turbulent history of my country has led the city fabric to become a subject of illegal appropriation and heavy misdeeds in its urban policy. Thus, the people of Belgrade lost a ground where they could be together. I found it my task to try to give them this ground again and incite chance encounters and conversations among Belgradians.