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'Henk' has two personalities. One of them serious and the other one relaxed. On one hand 'Henk Work' works as a lawyer, specializing in the development of business contracts. He is a sharp dresser and always wears a suit to work where he frequently meets with prominent clients. 'Henk Work' is a smart and hard-working gentleman typeface designed for the writing of the long legal texts which often contain a lot of abbreviations and numbers. On the other hand 'Henk' has also a sense of humour. His joyful nature comes out the most after working hours. 'Henk Out' is a cheerful and likeable guy loving to spend time with his friends. He is always witty and knows how to make fun of himself. He can be noisy but also relaxed and entertaining. ‘Henk Out’ is a typeface for larger scale texts. ‘Henk’ is one guy with two faces. A type family of six different styles sharing the same DNA.