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Winner of the Royal Academy Master Department Award: Type and Media

Pablo Gamez (ES)

Royal Academy Master Department Award: Type and Media




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'Driver' is a typeface that fits the whole car. Inspired by the world of​ ​motorsports, it is a modern interpretation of the squarish styles from the​ ​sixties and the aesthetics of car races.​ ​
The smaller version is a variable font that adapts to a responsive​ ​interface. It enables the designer to link the visual parameters of the​ ​typeface to any condition like luminosity, size, background color and​ ​visual hierarchy. I​t i​s meant to be applied in the dashboard, navigation​ ​control, windshield display and any interface inside the vehicle.
The bigger version is a typeface with four extremes for headlines, ​intended​ ​for branding and editorial environments. It explores the possibilities of the​ ​square round shapes and the contrast between widths and weights. It also includes a set of decorated numbers.