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Industral Design (PGC)

The Postgraduate Course Industrial Design is a program for designers who want to use applied design to make a conscious contribution to the world of today and tomorrow. We educate designers who are keen to hone their creativity in order to work within a complex interplay of factors and find a ‘solution’ in the form of a distinctive and elegant design.

The Post Graduate Course Industrial Design is proud to show Bas Froon’s graduation project ‘Local manufacturing with soft bio composites’. Within this semester’s theme ‘Design and Meaning’ he focused on robotics. The development of mechanical techniques through the Industrial Age made it possible that we are able to design machines that automatically perform tasks and can even replace humans in extreme working environments. It is expected that future robots will be able to solve real world problems. However, there are concerns about the growing presence of robots and their role in our society. They are blamed for rising unemployment as they replace workers in increasing numbers of functions.

Bas Froon’s research concentrated on alternative ways to design and manufacture products: can robots also create jobs and employment? Can they empower those who are currently having trouble finding a job because of the specific situation they are in?

Intelligently and knowledgeably Froon developed new opportunities to bring back production of labor-intensive ‘soft’ products to local manufacturers. He developed a fascinating machine that makes it possible to locally change material qualities from velvet-soft material into a hard plastic. Using a personal 3D scan or custom computer design, each product will be tailor-made and unique. Instead of labor-intensive assembly, all parts are made out of one sheet of material, which makes it possible to re-use the materials for new products at the end of its lifetime.

Bas successfully combines thorough research, intelligent thinking, craft and 3d printing into a coherent scenario for a circular design product.

Jacob de Baan Coordinator & Maaike Rozenburg, Head of Postgraduate Course Industrial Design

Industral Design (PGC)